What’s better for your garden: a rear-roller lawnmower or a four-wheeled lawnmower?

They can both do a good job, as long as you use the right machine, so the answer depends on what your garden looks like, what features it has and how you want your grass to look.

Honda HRD 536 QXE 53CM Professional Single Speed Petrol Lawn Mower

Reasons to buy a rear-roller lawnmower

One of the main reasons for using a rear-roller mower is to give a lawn the classic striped finish. If you want your lawn to have this smart, neat look, this is the type of lawnmower you need to use.

Another reason to buy a rear-roller lawnmower is greater stability around sunken flower beds. If you have flower beds below the surface of your lawn, you’ll be less likely to slip into your flowers when mowing the lawn when you’re using one of these machines.

Rear-roller mowers will also flatten out worm casts and small undulations in your lawn, helping to give your lawn a nice, smooth finish. Sometimes these mowers have a lower cut than a four-wheeled machine.

Reasons to buy a four-wheeled lawnmower

If you have a slope in your garden or if an area of your lawn is often damp, a four-wheeled lawnmower is often the better bet because it offers a better grip for climbing and driving itself up the slope. A rear-roller machine may just spin the roller or not push itself up the slope.

Overall, four-wheeled lawnmowers are lighter and more manoeuvrable, and generally, they have a higher cut. This means that these machines are good if your garden has a range of grass conditions that need taking care of – verges, beneath hedgerows, small orchards, etc. – you’ll get a neat, tidy finish in every area.

Recommended rear-roller mowers and four wheeled-mowers

Recommended rear-roller mowers include the Mountfield S421R PD push petrol mower, which is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens, and the Honda HRX 426 QX self-propelled mower, which is good for smaller gardens.

Recommended four-wheeled mowers include the Honda HRG 415PD IZY push petrol mower and the Honda HRG 415SD IZY self-propelled mower, which are both great for small to medium-sized gardens.

For larger lawns, the Mountfield SP555 RV self-propelled petrol mower is one the best rear-roller machines, while you can’t go wrong with the Honda HRG 466 SK self-propelled petrol mower when it comes to a four-wheeled machine.

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